Is she awesome or what!! The artist/sculptor is Kepha Mosoti who is based at Kuona Trust. The site is the Village Market in Nairobi, and the event is the 2nd annual Ministry of Culture, Nairobi Visual Art Exhibition simply known as Manjano, meaning Yellow suggestive of Sunshine: what we enjoy almost 360 days of the year in Nairobi. The name was suggested by Joy Mboya as the other Ministry title was long and cumbersome. And the name is sticking. I helped organize it last year, played a minor role but was part of the planning committee that sought to persuade Kenyan artists that they should drop their distrust of Ministry of Culture and take part in this show. Last year’s success showed artists they should get involved so this year looks even better than last. Adjudicators Carol Lees of One Off Gallery and Liza MacKay of ISK and one other person. Great choices. But it is Kepha’s sculpture that caught my eye. Last year during the Taboo exhibition at the Goethe Institute, he was more of a minimalist, but this progression to larger than life size work is awesome. I am thrilled but i would love to be there. Two grand events, back to back: first the February 1st Auction/Raffle at Kuona Trust which i gather raised more than 2 million and now, the Manjano Show, through out the month of February is a glorious way to begin 2011. Exciting that it coincides with the year i hope to get my degree. 2011 will go down in history!!!


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